I am Mishelle, I live in Glasgow with my wonderful and crazy family. I have the best partner in the world who is as geeky and weird as me, and an amazing 10 year old we made together. We live in a little flat crammed with so much crafty goodness and love, it might very well burst. We spend our days together being attacked by our adorable little kitten, going on adventures, making, photographing, painting, experimenting, sewing and doodling. I am always thinking of my next project, or 10!  I am confident in saying that my life is wonderful.

On the flipside, I have suffered with depression since I was around 13. This depression has manifested itself in many different ways over the years. Up until a few years ago I had this idea that having depression was one dimensional. I never thought that one person could experience so many different symptoms and go through so many phases.

Making and creating things has always been a fantastic distraction and is so rewarding when you get to sit back and admire this shiny new thing you have brought into the world.

Recently I read an article on the connection between creative people and mental health. Everything that was explained in this article blew my mind. Everything made so much sense! It also described different techniques that can be used so that art can become a form of therapy. So here I am, starting my journey, using my vast crafting and art experience to  try and cope a little better. I hope to get to know other creative types who can relate and share their experiences and projects, and if I am able to help others as well then that would be terrific!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. deepanilamani says:

    I have written on one of your articles. I welcome you to look into my blog I have been writing about healing now. I am a 15 years long term survivor of it. You can get over or keep under control, enough to live a happy and joyful life 🙂

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